The first badges most new Beavers will come across are the World, County, District, Group and Section badges.  All these are earned by learning about Scouting and saying your promise when you are invested.

There are 4 other main types of badges:

Activity Badges – such as Air Activities, Hobbies and Health Eating.  These are circular and worn on the left sleeve.

Staged Activity Badges – such as Swimming, Nights Away and Hikes Away.  There are several levels of each available, for example, 1 night at a sleepover or camp earns Nights Away stage 1, 5 nights away earns stage 2.  These are circular with a blue background, and worn on the left sleeve.  You can earn any stage in any section (ie, while you are a Beaver or a Cub or a Scout).

Challenge Badges – which require more comprehensive skills or experiences.  For example, Creative Challenge, Promise Challenge.  These are hexagon shaped and worn on the front, opposite the World badge.

Partnership Badges are undertaken by more than 1 section at a time (eg  Beavers and Cubs), working together.  For example, the Environment Award.

There are also badges for each years’ attendance, for moving up to a new section, for special occasions and a badge to show how many other badges and challenges you’ve undertaken.  This is called the Chief Scouts Award and in Beavers it is the bronze level.

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