May 31, 2021

Endeavour Cubs Spring/Summer

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The Spring Term was another exciting time for the Endeavour Cubs with even more Zoom meetings.  We concentrated on the Teamwork and Team Leader Challenge badges.


The first half of the term the Cubs refreshed their memories about compass points with Wolf Island, which is drawing a fictional island and following instructions which describe the locations of places of interest.  We made kilts for teddies and had a go at ‘Caber Tossing’ (bottle flip challenge) for Burns Night, and we celebrated Chinese New Year with a quiz and making origami ox-head envelopes to give messages of hope to friends or family we’ve been missing (socially distanced of course).  The Cubs have also worked in teams for a game of Battleships


We were joined by Tim from Rhythmicity Drum Workshops back in January for a fun filled evening of loud noise!  Just like the good old days when Cubs made a lot of noise down the Hut.  The Cubs came prepared with improvised instruments made out of saucepans, kitchen utensils, plastic containers and rice, and anything else they could find around the house (that wasn’t easily breakable), and we played rhythms together, and somehow, because of the magic of Zoom, we actually sounded really good, and no I didn’t have my speakers turned off!


For the second half of term we branched out and invited the Beavers to join our online activities and we had great fun playing more games like Simon Says, an online escape room, as well as a few others.  We found out about how Scouting started and how far across the globe the Scouting family is spread (pretty far!).  We also got creative writing our own short poems, here are a couple of examples:


There was a young man called Bob

He had not a tooth in his gob

He went to the dentist and saw the apprentice,

and now he can eat ten corn on the cob.


There once was a budgie with a tie

He thought that he could fly

He flapped his wings, and fell in the bin

That clumsy budgie with a tie


At the end of term the Beavers and Cubs played a game of Dungeons and Dragons to rescue Bagheera from the dungeon of the evil Lord Kiwi.  The game was brilliantly put together by one of our Young Leaders and his father, and we are extremely grateful for all the work they put in to run a fantastic evening for us.


During the Summer Term, although Zoom meetings will continue for us, we will be reducing the amount of screentime by encouraging the Cubs to spend time outside by setting challenges for their Personal Challenge and Adventure Challenge badges.  We will also be working on our first aid skills, and have a couple of really exciting guests joining us later in the term to teach the Cubs some things that we might not have been able to do very easily if we were meeting face to face and had to contend with the rush hour traffic.